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Murray's (1895)

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John Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Algeria and Tunis encompasses what would have been the ideal guide for a 20th century European seeking a North African getaway.

Cook's (1908)


Cook’s Practical Guide to Algeria and Tunisia (1908) provided comprehensive information for European tourists tinged with imperialist ideology.

Illustrated Guide (1913)

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The main text of this guide is organized into five main sections, entitled Algiers-General Description, The Town of Algiers, The Environs of Algiers, The Interior, and Practical Information.

Guide du Voyageur (1846)

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The Guide du Voyageur en Algérie for “the savant, the artist, the man of the world and the colonial settler,” is a French-language guidebook printed in Paris and published in 1847, 17 years after the French conquered Algeria.